Would you like to work in one of the fastest growing, most exciting new industries in America?

We can help you get involved – or if you’re already part of the industry, accelerate your career path.

We help employers across the cannabis industry, including dispensaries, cannabis cultivation centers, and advocacy organizations, find the right candidates. We also offer staffing services for ancillary businesses and professional fields such as the accounting, legal and medical fields specializing in cannabis. The partners behind our firm each have more than a decade of experience working to legalize cannabis and legitimize the growing cannabis industry.

Because of our experience and personal connections, our clients look to us to provide the right candidates for their growing businesses. We are fully dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace, and we strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBTQ candidates and candidates with disabilities to submit their resumes.

Our Process

If you are interested in a career in the cannabis industry, submit your resume and details to us using the form below. If we see an opportunity that might fit your skills and interests, we will contact you for an interview.

Following a successful interview with us, we may need to a background check, depending on the company and location. Past cannabis-related offenses will not automatically disqualify you as a candidate.

Next, we will check your references. After an interview, background check, and reference check, if your skills, experience and personality are a good fit with a cannabis business, we will introduce you as a match.

The industry and our client pool are constantly evolving; if you don’t hear from us right away, don’t give up. Our needs are always changing based on what our clients are looking for. Keep an eye on our social media pages for current openings and be sure to check our current job listings.

Use the form below to send us your resume. For best results, upload your resume as a PDF file with the filename as your first and last name.

* see our Non-Discrimination Policy

Words From Awesome Clients

  • I had become very frustrated with the job application process and was unhappy with a mundane entry-level position found through a general staffing agency after graduating college. I reached out to Shaleen Title and she connected me with the position I’ve held for the last year working at the nation’s premiere marijuana law firm in Denver, CO. Without Shaleen’s efforts I would not be waking up every morning excited to go to work. This job has changed my life and Shaleen was responsible for making that happen! I can’t thank you enough!

    Kat Humphries
    Kat Humphries Legal Assistant at Vicente Sederberg LLC
  • Danielle Schumacher is a talented, capable and hard-working individual with deep roots in the cannabis community. She has been an activist, an employee and a manager for numerous groups over the years, and I have had the opportunity to work with her directly. She has a broad understanding of the issues and many links into the community based upon, among other things, her work with Oaksterdam University and the offices of physicians, attorneys and cannabis experts including myself. She is organized, efficient and a problem solver. It is my honor to recommend her services, and I have no doubt that those who take advantage of her offerings will be pleased with the services and results that they receive.

    Chris Conrad
    Chris Conrad Court-Qualified Cannabis Expert Witness / Consultant
  • Thanks to Shaleen’s recruiting efforts, we were able to bring in high-quality, diverse candidates who were a great fit for our firm.

    Brian Vicente
    Brian Vicente Partner, Vicente Sederberg, LLC
  • When Shaleen recruited me to volunteer for the non-profit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, it changed my life. That was about five years ago and now I am a full time staff member.  Before then, I had bounced around from job to job, never really finding my passion but only paying the bills.   My new career gave my life direction and purpose. For the first time I not only knew what I wanted to do with my life, but Shaleen had showed me how to make it happen.  She opened my eyes to an entire professional world in drug policy reform that I had not even known existed before.  But more than this, through her exceptional mentorship, she helped me navigate these new waters and guided me to the place I am today.  I get to wake up every morning and work at a job in which I absolutely believe and love.  I will be forever grateful to Shaleen for my new career and many of the friends whom I’ve met along the way.

    Lindsay Akin
    Lindsay Akin Assistant Speakers Bureau Director at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Shaleen helped get me started working in drug policy reform by offering me a job at LEAP not long after I was out of college. When I moved to Colorado in 2012, she recruited me to volunteer with the Amendment 64 campaign. Volunteering became a job, and I found myself working to regulate marijuana in Colorado. Through my work I had the chance to do some videos for the A64 campaign, which inspired me to pursue video work as a career. Shaleen even had a hand in the social media launch of my company. She and another activist had a viral video idea commenting on the 2012 Obama campaign commerical and asked if I'd help produce it. Some quick thinking, mixed with Shaleen's will and determination, and we created a video that conveyed a message and spread quickly. It was the first video we posted, and at 61,995 views, it is our most-viewed video to date.

    Chris Wallis
    Chris Wallis Side Pocket Images
  • There are still so few women involved in the legalization movement, and even fewer women of color. Shaleen is an absolute inspiration and a necessary role model for other young female activists. She teaches us to never be afraid to speak our mind, and reminds us that this isn't a movement only "by and about" white men. And personally, without her advice, I would have never been able to "come out" to my pretty traditional Chinese family about a cause I am passionate about.

    Rachelle Yeung
    Rachelle Yeung Marijuana Policy Project
  • As our contracted office manager for two and a half years, Danielle took our very disorganized office and created a system that worked for us. She has exceptional organizational skills and dedication to her clients, is highly intelligent and works with the big picture along with the minutiae. We knew things would be under control with Danielle around. Now, Danielle is our "go-to person" whenever we need some help with staffing our office or projects. Her wide range of experience enables her to know the many facets of the cannabis industry as well as the activist side of things.

    Mikki Norris, M.A.
    Mikki Norris, M.A. Director, Cannabis Consumers Campaign
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