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China Shanté Perez-Brown

The entire process really changed how I look at hiring practices, reaching out to recruitment, and overall how humanly THC Staffing and the Howl's hiring committee were sure to maintain everything while interviewing. Which is rare when, we, as prospective employees are usually stripped down to our cores to deliver on who we are. I finally felt fully heard and was taken seriously in the entire process. 

Candidate's Details

Previous Position:
Instructional Development & Training; Prenatal Educator, Co-Founder

Current Position:
Community Engagement Specialist, Howl's Tincture

The Story

It felt like everyone was genuinely trying to get to know me - and yes, what can I bring to the table. There was an intrinsic sense of we're hiring this entire individual, not just someone to do the job. I was able to be honest about my limitations, my humanity. There’s so much truth to being seen and acknowledged especially when branching into a new industry that has many layers.
It's not just about getting a job in the cannabis industry. We're now in a new era of women and women of color venturing deeper into areas where there wasn't as much access. There's a fragility there and working through all that takes time...
Working at Howl's is so refreshing, so real. We do so much justice work which has shown me that even though social equity seems so unattainable, there are avenues available. I love when we have full team meetings. When we all come together there's magic and wonder. It's a great feeling. We all really are so different but blend so wonderfully.