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Jason Marshall

I’m a sales and business development professional and I had worked across consumer product goods and health insurance. I’d travelled up and down the East Coast for various positions at multiple companies, and I was open to exploring new opportunities with a more entrepreneurial spirit. This position came across the table and was a good fit for what I was looking for in this stage of my career but I didn’t have cannabis industry experience, so this was something brand new to me.

Candidate's Details

Head of Business Development

Previous Position:
VP of Sales & Marketing, Temescal Wellness of Maryland

Current Position:
Head of Business Development for Ration Cannabis

The Story

THC Staffing Group was very generous with talking about the cannabis industry, where it was trending, and some of the opportunities in that area. They had a specific job opportunity in mind so they walked me through it, helped me prepare. From doing an intro to having that first meeting, they were very helpful in terms of setting things up so that it was a success for both sides. The process was relatively fast: a couple of interviews in Baltimore took a month and a half to two months.

Staffing firms like this are really interesting gateways for people to come over from other fields into the cannabis industry. During networking sessions and when I’m giving speeches about how I entered the industry, I encourage people to get involved with staffing firms like THC Staffing because you can get good introductions into the industry and figure out how your skills can apply to different positions.