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THC Staffing Group Non-Discrimination Policy for Clients and Candidates

As a professional recruitment and placement service, THC Staffing Group assumes no responsibility or liability for the employment practices of any client business. Candidates for employment are not, at any time, employees of or independent contractors with THC Staffing Group.

However, THC Staffing Group respects the rights of all individuals to have a workplace free of unlawful discrimination and harassment and supports the efforts of our client businesses to promote diversity and equality of employment opportunity. Accordingly, THC Staffing Group complies with the non-discrimination laws of all jurisdictions in which it operates and does not engage in recruitment and placement practices that violate those laws. In addition to compliance with the non-discrimination bases codified in law, THC Staffing Group does not discriminate in its recruitment and placement practices on the bases of gender identity or gender expression, credit history, genetic information, appearance or weight, veteran’s status, pregnancy, marital status, or parenthood.

At times, THC Staffing Group may request to collect information on candidates regarding demographics such as race, ethnicity, sex, gender, and other categories. Such information may be collected in order to ensure that THC Staffing Group has a diverse candidate pool. Providing such information is purely voluntary on the part of candidates. A candidate’s answers or refusal to answer in no way affects a candidate’s eligibility for or the quality of THC Staffing Group’s services. THC Staffing Group does not share individually identifiable demographic information with client business or any third-parties without the candidate’s consent. THC Staffing Group encourages client businesses to considering hiring qualified individuals despite past non-violent criminal convictions where permitted by law. THC Staffing Group regards the growth of the legal marijuana sector as an important opportunity to address unjust and unnecessary forms of discrimination, including those related to the criminal justice system.